12G Gamebore MAMMOTH Magnum STEEL 36/4P

70,00 €
Price per package (10pc.)
Only sold in boxes of 10 packages (100 pc).


12g Super Steel. This high velocity Steel load is suitable for use in standard 2 ¾” chambered guns in shot sizes 3, 4 and 5. The larger size shot 3 should only be used in high performance steel shot proofed guns with barrels and chokes designed for steel loads. - High velocity Steel load - Suitable for standard 2 ¾” guns - Knock down power - Non-toxic Steel pellets

Additional Information

Gauge 12/76
Shot Size engl. 4 (3,2 mm)
Load gms 36g
Wad Plastic Wad
Case Plastic Case
Load Game Load, Steel Shot
Rounds per Box 100
Item ID 276364 PST